Essay on “A Day in the Life of a Teacher” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Essay # 1

A teacher is a responsible public servant. He performs a very responsible job. He starts very early in the morning and is ready to attend his duty. He is usually on the school premises quite before time. He keeps a dose watch on the movements of the students till they go to their respective classes. He is always ready to deliver his goods to his class. He has to be dressed very clean and smart in his habits. He has to be a model before the students. The students follow him in his actions and way of talk. He is well-versed in his subject and teaches his students with full interest.

A teacher is an expert in handling the problems of his students. He looks to the needs of each student and checks their homework diligently. He has no time to waste in the class. He has to give more attention to the weaker students. Discipline in the class is his top priority. He cannot bear indiscipline in the least. His approach to the students is full of love and affection. He leaves no stone unturned to give maximum to the students to the best of his ability.

He spends his free time in the library to increase his knowledge and preparing his lessons. He keeps himself abreast of the current developments in science and technology and current events. He also learns new techniques of teaching by reading books and discussing with his fellow teachers. A teacher has no time to enjoy in idle gossip with other teachers or students. He has to shoulder a responsible job which keeps him busy all the time in his school. He has to give some time at his home also to prepare some notes and lessons to make his future classes a full success. A teacher is satisfied with his job because of the respect he commands in society.


A Day in the Life of a School Master

Essay # 2

A schoolmaster’s life is not an easy one. In fact, it is so hard that no man who has not a real interest in teaching could stand it. Happily, I really like teaching and find my work full of interest. But even I sometimes wish I had chosen another kind of work. I do not mind hard work, but what I find most trying is that I can have so little time in the day to myself, for reading and thought. From morning to night it is one ceaseless grind. To show what it is like, let me describe one ordinary day in my life.

I am the superintendent of one of the school hostels, so I have to be up early in the morning to see that the boys have their early morning tea, and get away to school in good time. My boys, on the whole, are fairly well behaved; but they are not all angels and their quarrels and fights often keep me busy, and I have to be constantly on the watch to see that they do not break the rules.

At nine o’clock, the school bell rings, and the day’s teaching begins. A professor in a college has an easy time, and finishes his work in a few hours, but a teacher in a school goes on all day, and his work never seems to end. Except for an hour’s interval from 1 to 2 o’clock, I am teaching practically all day long.

As I said I like teaching: and if I always had classes of intelligent and well-behaved boys, the teaching would always be a pleasure. But a school-master has to take what comes; and he has to teach patiently and slowly, going over the ground again and again, so that the dullest and stupidest boys can understand. And at the same time, he has to keep order and stop all noise and mischief, which is not easy when the boys are unruly.

The interval brings me no rest, for I have to hurry back to my hostel and that see my boarders get their meal properly; and after getting something to eat myself, I must see to the servants, and hear the boys’ complaints. So, by the time the bell rings for afternoon school, I am pretty tired.

Afternoon school is like the morning, except that the boys are sleepier or more restless. And when the last bell rings, after I have had a cup of tea, I must go out into the playground to see that the boys play their games properly.

In the evening, I have a whole pile of exercises to correct and work to set for the next day, and I have to prepare my lessons for the classes. Then I superintend the evening meal, after which I go round all the rooms to see that the boys are studying and keeping quiet. And when all that is done, I am so tired that I simply go to bed.


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