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A Bus Accident

An accident is a dreadful thing whatever way it may have occurred. Last month I saw a bus accident. It occurred between two D. T. C. buses.

We were travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh in a bus. Our driver was very rash as he seemed to be in some hurry to reach the destination. A few passengers even requested him to slow down but he did not heed them and drove rather fast.

When a bus tried to overtake our bus on the road the driver of our bus did not make way for him and the other driver also seemed to be hot headed and he drove much faster. And within seconds both the buses began to move parallel on the road. All the passengers were scared as it obviously looked risky. We tried to warn our driver but he did not listen to us.

In no time, another bus of Haryana Travels came from the opposite side and the driver of our bus was unable to apply brakes in time as it was too late and the collision took place. Our bus driver died on the spot but the driver of other bus was able to pull brakes, so he escaped unhurt. Six other passengers also died and other had minor injuries. Passengers were crying in pain. Even I had an injury near my left eye.

Within an hour police and the doctors arrived to take the statement of passengers and to give them medical aid respectively.

I still shudder whenever I recall that accident.

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