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A Bank Robbery

Robberies have become the order of the day. There are so many, such as train robbery, bus robbery or a robbery in a bank. Robbers have become dare-devils. They do not care for life, neither their own nor others. Their sole job is to rob and loot and run away. Sometimes they are caught but usually they escape Scot free. Law cannot do anything, it remains a mute, helpless spectator.

The other day I went to Union Bank of India in Karol Bagh. The bank was busy in usual transactions. There was heavy rush of people. All of a sudden robbers entered from the main gate with covered faces. They had pistols and guns in their hands. They shouted and thundered to the fear of one and all. They ordered everyone to lay on floor with raised hands. In a twinkling of an eye they, took position. Two of them, with guns held the main gate. The other three after pushing customers aside went behind the cash counters and the strong room. One of them held the manager by neck. They did this all at the point of pistols and guns. Now, life is dear to everyone. The fear of life makes everyone coward and timid. Nobody could show any resistance. So we kept calm. Before our eyes one or two of them filled bags with currency notes. They gathered plenty of money. We were all helpless and watched this all broad-daylight looting spree as mute spectators.

After threatening the bank staff they left quite comfortably without shooting even a single shot. A waiting car took them away alongwith the booty. Someone informed police from a nearby telephone as all lines inside the bank had been snapped beforehand. Police came in a while and started their tough investigations. They sent parties to apprehend the robbers but all in vain. Only an hour later the used car was found abandoned at a deserted place.

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