English Story, Essay on “One good turn deserves another” for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

The Slave and The Lion

In the olden day’s men, women, and children were bought and sold like animals. These people were known as slaves. Once there was a slave who was very cruelly treated by his master. He was fed up with his miserable life. He wanted to escape. As soon as he got a chance he quietly left for a forest.

On the way, the slave saw a lion with a swollen paw. The animal was in pain. He was too helpless to attack the man. Instead, he wanted the slave’s help in removing his pain. The slave took pity on him and removed the thorn that had entered his foot. The lion looked at him with grateful eyes.

Time passed and the slave forgot the incident. But a day came when he was arrested and produced before the king. He was charged with escaping from his master. He was found guilty and ordered to be thrown before a hungry lion. The day of punishment arrived, and a large number of spectators assembled to see the cruel show. A hungry lion was let loose on the culprit. But to the amazement of all, the lion did not eat up the slave. The king himself thought that a miracle had happened.

On being asked, the slave related the story of his kindness shown to the lion. Now the mystery became clear.

Moral: Kindness never goes unrewarded.


One good turn deserves another.

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