English Short Story “Three Friends and a Purse of Gold” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Three Friends and a Purse of Gold

Once upon a time there lived three friends. Their names were Mohan, Sohan and Rakesh. They were good neighbours. Their good friendship was an example for the people of the rest of the village.

One day they decided to set out on a long journey. They wanted to earn their livelihood in a far off land. They walked on and on. At last they reached a dense forest. To their good luck there they found a purse full of gold. They were very happy. Now the question of dividing the gold arose. They agreed to share it into three equal parts. But they were very hungry. They wanted to eat something. They sent Rakesh to the nearby town to bring a delicious food. Rakesh ran fast and found soon a good hotel.

He ate his share of food. When he was eating, a terrible idea came to him. Why should he share the purse of Gold with the other two friends? Why should he not seize the full gold himself? So he mixed poison in the food of Mohan and Sohan. The other two, Mohan and Sohan thought on the similar line. Why should they give the third share to Rakesh? Why should they not pocket fifty percent each of the gold. As soon as Rakesh reached the place, both Mohan and Sohan pounced upon Rakesh and killed him there and then. Now they were happy that their third partner was cleared off. They would now have two equal shares of the gold. Now they sat to eat the food brought by Rakesh. It was deadly poisonous. They ate it and reached the lap of death. The purse of gold lay where it was lying before. It was not in the fate of anyone of them to enjoy of riches. They got killed by the selfishness which arose in them by the greed of the gold.

Moral : Greed is a curse.


Greediness can cause untold harm.

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