English Short Story “The Sun and the Wind” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

The Sun and the Wind

Once there was a strong argumentation (debate) between the sun and the wind as to who was the stronger and more powerful of the two. The wind boasted of her superior power She bragged to be stronger than the sun. She said, “you are nothing before me. I am all powerful” The sun was humble and gentle all the time. He now kept quiet. But when the wind challenged him again and again, he agreed to show him his actual strength.

A test was decided. A traveller who was walking on the road was chosen as the object of their test. It was decided whosoever of the two succeeded to remove the coat of the traveller will be declared the winner. There was a toss and the wind won it. She chose her turn first out of her haughtiness. Now the wind blew harder and harder. She used all her might to remove the coat of the gentleman. The harder she blew, the more tightly the traveller wrapped his coat around him. The wind got tired because of too much exertion. She stopped and gave a chance to the sun.

Now the sun started using his power He shone very brightly. The traveller felt hot. He got uneasy. The sun saw that his shining had the desired effect. He shone more brightly. The traveller was over-perspired. He felt irritation all over his body. He could not bear his coat on his person any longer He removed his coat at once.

Now the issue had been beautifully resolved. The wind was the loser and the sun the winner. He had won the dispute. He was victorious. The wind had to eat a humble pie. She had to cut a sorry figure. She was ashamed beyond limits.

Moral : Boasters like the wind, lick dust.

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