English Short Story “The Snake and the Frog” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

The Snake and the Frog

In a certain village there was a pond. In that pond hundreds of frogs lived. They lived very happily. They croaked day and night. They were very happy with their king and queen.

One day a cruel snake came there. He developed friendship with the king of the pond. The snake took the frog on its back for a joy ride and sight-seeing. On his return he demanded the price for his labor. The king offered him a few frogs to eat. The snake relished them. Now it became a daily affair for the snake to carry the king and the queen on its back for sight-seeing and on their return the snake was offered a feast of some good fat frogs. The king was very happy. He enjoyed the rides of sight-seeing very much without thinking about the frogs. The frogs were much worried about it as their number was decreasing day by day.

And a day came when the pond was without frogs. All the frogs had been eaten by the sake. It is an old saying, “A little of anything taken out daily empties even a big well of it.” The same happened and now only the king and the queen were left. The snake looked at them with longing eyes. He had an eye on them for many days. Now he was determined to eat them. They were healthy and fat. They had enough flesh to satisfy its hunger.

As usual the snake offered the king frog for the sight-seeing trip which the king could not resist for seeing some other beautiful place. The queen dissuaded him and requested the snake to pardon them but the snake was determined to take them and they were forced to sit on its back. On their return he demanded his fee. Finding no more frogs in the pond the snake devoured the King and the queen. Thus came the end of the selfish king and Queen frog.

Moral: Selfishness recoils on the head of the doer.

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