English Short Story “The Hare and The Lion” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

The Hare and The Lion

A lion, the king of a forest was very cruel on the animals of the forest. He killed them without any rhyme or reason. He killed even many of them in a single day for the fun of it. Now naturally there was a great loss of the animal kingdom. Every animal was greatly scared and wanted some way to get rid of this indiscriminate killing, but at the same time they could not displease the king of forest.

Now the animals of the forest called a meeting with the lion and requested him to stop killing of animals so indiscriminately. They promised to send an animal to him everyday to his forest palace. The king agreed as there was no sense now to kill as he would get one animal daily. So as per the arrangement one animal was to be sent to the lion by turns. The animals kept the promise honestly and the lion was also happy. This contract went on smoothly for a long time. One day it was the turn of the hare to visit the lion for food. He reached their very late in the evening. The lion was very angry. He was awfully hungry. He gave a loud roar on seeing the hare. The heart of the hare sank with fear. He very humbly told the lion that he was late because an another lion stopped him in the mid-way. The another lion too wanted to eat him. It surprised the lion. He could not believe that another more powerful lion could dare march into his land. He roared and inquired about the whereabouts of his enemy. The hare walked ahead of him and took him to a well. The lion peeped into the well and saw his reflection in the water of the well. He took it as another lion, his enemy. He roared loudly and jumped into the well to kill him. Thus the foolish lion killed himself.

Moral : Cleverness is key to success.

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