English Short Story “An Old Lady and a Doctor” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

An Old Lady and a Doctor

Once an old lady met with an accident. She suffered grievous eye injuries. She was confined to bed. She was alone in her house and could not go to the doctor for treatment. So she called a doctor at her house. The doctor was an efficient eye surgeon but he was selfish. He came to her house and examined her and assured her to be well within a month. He told her that he would charge a thousand rupees for the full treatment and the payment could be made after the lady was fully recovered.

Thus the doctor started his treatment. He bandaged her eyes and gave her good medicines. He had to visit the lady almost daily for dressings. The lady had everything in her house, good furniture and all other household articles. The doctor silently removed one item of furniture or something else daily from the house. At the end of the month the whole house was almost empty. When the doctor opened the bandages of the eyes of his patient to see how his treatment had worked, he asked the lady if she could see now everything around her. The lady refused and said that she did not seem to have recovered as she could not see anything around her in the house. The doctor was ashamed beyond limit and agreed that he had removed everything from her house. The lady forgave his crime and even paid him his fees of a thousand rupees. As it came to her that though the doctor was selfish but he had treated her properly and she was well only by the efforts of the doctor.

Moral: A gesture of good-will can sometime remove the cunning of a selfish person.

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