English Short Story “A Fox and The Crow” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

A Fox and The Crow

Story No. 01

Once there was a hungry fox. She went out in search of food. She wandered here and there but could not find any food anywhere. At last she sat to rest under a tree. As she looked up, she saw a crow with a big piece of cheese in his beak. The fox wanted the cheese in any case, but how?

She had a sharp brain and immediately she thought of a plan. In a high picked voice she began praising the black crow. She said to him, ‘0 crow, you are very beautiful to look at. Your beak is equally very pretty your voice is as sweet as honey.” The crow was a fool of first water. He was immediately puffed up. Without thinking twice, he began to caw, caw. As soon as he opened his mouth the piece of cheese fell down on the ground below. The cunning fox picked it up. She swallowed it at once. The poor crow remained without cheese. He proved himself extremely foolish.

The simple flattery of the fox made the silly crow lose his piece of cheese. After devouring the cheese, the clever fox left the place saying, ‘You are very black. Your voice is very ugly. You sing hoarse. You are an owl”.

The simple crow was cut to the quick but what could he do now. it was too late. He had become a prey of flattery. He had become a victim of his own foolishness.

Moral : Your flatterers are your own enemies.


Flattery never pays.


Story No. 02


A Fox and A Crow

A hungry fox wandered here and there in search of food but all in vain. He saw towards the Almighty. Suddenly he saw a crow sitting on the branch of a tree. It had a fat piece of cheese in its beak. Seeing the piece of cheese the fox’s hunger increased. He hit upon a plan to get that tasty piece of food. He praised the crow for its colourful feathers, sharp and strong beak, rich and melodious voice. The crow was puffed up with false pride. The fox struck the iron when it was hot. He said to the crow, ‘ Your song at the birthday party of your cousin made me spell-bound. You are a genius, a born singer, unparalleled and par-excellent. Please sing a melodious song for me. You will earn my gratitude’s for life.” False praise made the crow fly on the cloud, nine. It opened its mouth to sing. The moment it did so, the piece of cheese fell on the ground. The fox was after this very chance. He quickly ate the piece of cheese and moved away laughing at the foolishness of the crow. The- crow cursed itself.

Moral: Never feel proud of vain things.

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