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The Lion and the Mouse

One day a lion, the king of forest was sleeping comfortably outside his forest den under a shady tree. A small mouse was also playing there and looking for something to eat. By chance the mouse stepped over the body of the lion. The lion was greatly disturbed in his sleep. He immediately caught the mouse in his paw. Now he was going to crush it and make a small breakfast of it. The mouse sensing danger to his life cried imploringly, “Oh King of the forest, spare my life. Do not kill me. Eating me will not satisfy your hunger I am such a small creature. I can be of some help to you sometime, your majesty.” The lion gave a hearty laugh as he was greatly amused by the oration of the mouse and let him go.

After some days the same lion was caught in a trap laid by the hunters. He tried his best to free himself but in vain. At last he began to roar loudly. The mouse heard the roars of the lion in his hole and came out to see what had happened. He saw the same lion in great difficulty. He presented himself before him and said, “Your Majesty, Do not worry. I am the same mouse whom you saved from death the other day. Now it is my turn to save you. Kindly wait a minute.” The mouse collected many a mouse instantly and they fell upon the net and cut its ropes with their sharp teeth. In a while the lion was free. He thanked his little friend and all others. Also the lion learnt a big lesson that even the small animals which seem insignificant are equally important for the animal kingdom.

Moral: One good turn deserves another.


Do not throw away a needle if you get a sword.

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