English Short Story “The Faithful Dog” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Faithful Dog

0nce there was a boy. He had a pet dog who was very faithful to him. He was his friend too. They always remained together. They ate and played together. But the father of the boy didn’t like the dog. He always told his son to keep the dog at an arm’s length.

Many days passed. One day the boy was sleeping in his room and by chance the candle fell on the bed of the boy and it caught fire. The dog could not do anything. Soon the room was full of smoke and the boy was fast asleep. So the dog went to the room of the boy’s father which was at a good distance and dashed into it and began barking loudly. The man was disturbed in his sleep. He lost his temper and beat the dog severely. He shunted him out of his room but the dog did not go and pulled at his shirt. He almost dragged the man to the room where his little friend was sleeping.

There the father saw his son enveloped in flames and the full room was on fire and the flames were now about to touch the body of the sleeping boy. The man immediately jumped in and got the boy out in his arms. Only then the dog stopped barking. Thus the faithful dog acted very faithfully to save his little master. He risked even his life. The man was very happy with the dog and was repentant for the dislike he had for the dog. He now realized the worth of the faithful dog and felt sorry for the treatment he met at his hands.

Moral: Dogs are more faithful to their masters than men.

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