English Short Story “Robert Bruce and The Spider” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Robert Bruce and The Spider

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. He was a great king and greatly loved by his people. His country was frequently invaded by the British and was subsequently captured by them. He was very brave and gallant. He tried his utmost to free his country from the Britishers. He had all the support of his people but he was unable to get freedom for his countrymen. He waged endless wars against them but failed. At last he gave in and escaped into a jungle and hid himself inside a cave. Now he was sitting depressed and dejected. He was looking towards the roof of the grave. Suddenly, his attention was taken by the movement of a spider who was trying to reach his home, the cob-web. The good Bruce saw the spider rising inch by inch on the thread of its web and when it was nearing its home, it snapped and the spider fell down. The spider repeated its effort in the same way after a long struggle but did not succeed at the eleventh hour. The journey of the spider to his cob-web became very hard. King Bruce watched the movement of the spider with great interest. Many a time the spider repeated his attempts but failed to reach his destination. But he did not get discouraged. He went on repeating his efforts without wasting anytime or courage. It was his tenth attempt which was crowned with success and he reached his home. Robert Bruce was wonder-struck at the courage and determination of the spider He learnt an immediate lesson from this insignificant spider.

He came out of the cave, took hold of his installations, collected his army and strength with great might and gave a tough fight to the British. Success or failure was not his aim now. His purpose was to try again and again. He succeeded remarkably. He defeated his enemy.

Moral : Try Try again till you succeed.

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