English Short Story “Once a liar always a liar” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

A Village Boy

Ramu was a village boy. He acted as a shepherd. He took out sheep and goats to a hillside for grazing. It was his daily routine. He felt bored doing the same job everyday. He thought of a plan. He thought of a frank just for fun. He cried, “Wolf ! Wolf !! Help ! Help The villagers working in the nearby fields rushed to his help. They had sickles and in their hands. They wanted to drive away the nasty wolf. But to their amazement there was no wolf. They found Ramu laughing and laughing out of mischief. They lost their temper and went away in a bluff. Ramu continued laughing as he said he had made a fun of them.

Many days passed, Ramu kept silence. One day he repeated the same joke. This time also some villagers came running to help him but they had again to return in a huff as he had played simply a mischief.

One day a wolf actually came. He killed many sheep. Ramu climbed a tree and cried on the top of his voice for help. He cried and cried. But the people took no notice of him. They thought that he was again trying to make a fool of them. They went on working in their fields and took no notice of his cries. The wolf had a nice day. Ramu tried to drive the wolf himself but he could not face him single handed. He was wounded seriously and reached home with lot of difficulty. The people again scolded him for this folly. He was treated in a hospital. Now he promised never to play such a silly joke again.

Moral : Once a liar always a liar.

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