English Short Story “Kindness never goes unrewarded” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

A Slave and The Lion

In olden days, the rich Roman kept slaves. Androcles was a slave. He was fed up with the cruel treatment of his master. The master kept him hungry and thirsty. He flogged him mercilessly. One day Androcles found a chance of his escape. He ran away to a nearly jungle and took shelter there.

One day he saw a lion groaning in pain. He reached near him. The lion picked up his paw to show him. Androcles saw a big thorn in the paw of the lion. He took courage and took out the thorn from the lion’s paw. Both of them became friends and lived together in the same cave.

After a few months Androcles was found out by the men of his mat He was caught and brought back to his master. According to the custom of the Romans, Androcles was now to be thrown before a hungry lion. A day was fixed. A big crowd gathered. Androcles was brought. He was thrown before a hungry lion. The lion came rushing but stopped half-way. He recognized his friend. It was the same lion who had become his friend in the forest. He approached him gently and licked the hands of the slave. Thousands of people sitting around were stunned. The slave told them the story of his friendship with the lion. It impressed one and all. Even the master of Androcles was impressed with the character of Androcles.

He was set free and so was his friend, the lion. Both walked out of the city. They made for the jungle and lived there happily afterwards.

Moral : Kindness never goes unrewarded.


One good turn deserves another.

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