English Short Story “It is All for the Best” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

It is All for the Best

Once there was a king. He had a minister who gave him quite good counsel in his all matters but he had a bad habit. He always said on every occasion, whatever happened, “It is all for the best”. The king did not like his harping some tune every time but he still tolerated him for all the other wisdom he had.

One day while practicing with his sword, the king cut his own hand by a sheer accident. The minister was there around. He repeated his words, `It is all for the best’, while others mourned over the accident to the king. The king could not tolerate the minister’s oration this time and ordered him to be put in the prison. Thus the minister was taken to the prison but he was all the happier than being sad, and repeated that whatever happened was all for the best.

After some time the king was on a shooting expedition in a forest, very deep and dense. He lost his track while chasing a wild animal and his follower also could not find him. He went on going into the jungle when he was caught by some monster-looking people. They caught him and decided to sacrifice him before the goddess as was their custom. They bathed the king and prepared him for the sacrifice but at the eleventh hour they released him saying that they cannot sacrifice a handless person to the goddess. The king at once remembered his minister and his words.

He soon found his men and reached his palace. His first job was to release the minister from the prison and tell him all his story. He again repeated that it was all for the best.

Moral : Whatever God does, He does for some good. It is all for the best.

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