English Short Story “Greed is a Big Curse” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Greed is a Big Curse

Story # 1

A man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they began to think they were not getting rich fast enough, and they decided to kill it in order to get all the gold at once.

So, the next morning when the goose laid one golden egg, he caught hold of it. Taking a sharp knife, he chopped off its neck and cut its body open.

But when they cut it open, it was just like any other goose. Thus, they neither got rich all at once, as they had hoped nor enjoyed any more daily addition to their wealth. How unlucky and how silly in fact?

He who pursues two hares catches neither.



Half the Profit

Story # 2

Once a king decided to hold a feast. He wanted to serve fish to his guests, but no fish was available. So he proclaimed that he would give a reward to whosoever brought him a fish.

Hearing of the offer, a fisherman brought a big fish to the king’s palace. But the dishonest gatekeeper did not allow him to see the king. He wanted half the profit. The fisherman agreed to it.

The king was glad to see the fish and asked its price. The fisherman demanded a hundred lashes on his back. The king was surprised to hear this. Quite unwillingly, he accepted the strange request. But as soon as fifty lashes were over, the fisherman said, “Your Majesty! I have a partner in the bargain. Half the price may be given to him.” “Who’s he?” asked the king. The fisherman replied, “He’s your gatekeeper, Sir! It is he who is to receive the remaining lashes.”

The king saw through the gatekeeper’s dishonesty, punished him, and turned him out of his palace. The king gave the fisherman some expensive gifts.


Moral: Greed is a curse.

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