English Short Moral Story “We should not cheat others” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

We should not cheat others


Mr. Verma went to the fruit market with his daughter-in-law. There were many fruiterers in the market. The two approached a fruiterer and negotiated with him for apples but did not buy from him. They reached another fruiterer. They liked his fresh, red apples and asked the cost of a kilogram of them. The fruiterer said, “Fourty rupees a kilogram.” “What!” exclaimed Mr. Verma, “One fruiterer is giving for 30 rupees.” “Sir, these are Kashmiri apples,” said the fruiterer. At this, Mr. Verma said, “That person was also saying the same.” “Sir, these are fresh,” explained the fruiterer. Mr. Verma said, “That person told me the same thing. Aren’t you trying to cheat me?” The fruiterer had nothing to say. His head bowed down in shame.

Moral: We should not cheat others.

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