English Short Moral Story “Unity should be for a good purpose” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Unity should be for a good purpose


Mr. Ghosh was teaching in the class when someone flew a paper aeroplane. Mr. Ghosh asked all the students about the prankster, but everyone kept quiet. Mr. Ghosh then threatened to give everyone punishment, but there was no effect. Then Mr. Ghosh said, OK, so you will not tell me the name! I will now suspend all of you.” Mohit, who was the real prankster, stood up and accepted his fault. The Teacher called Mohit and said, “Mohit, never make such a prank again.” Then he turned to his class and said, “Today, I have noticed that there is unity in the class but, sadly, it is not for a good cause.”

Moral: Unity should be for a good purpose.

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