English Short Moral Story “Playing pranks is not a good habit” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Playing pranks is not a good habit

Namrata liked to play pranks on others. She never thought before commenting on others. One day, she had gone to a mall for shopping. There she saw an old lady, who was lame, buying things. She thought of playing a prank on the oldie. She went up to her and said, “Mother, can I help you with your shopping? You must have become tired of buying the things alone. Are you alone or is there someone with you?” The old lady, an experienced woman, understood Namrata’s intention. She smiled and said to Namrata, “Daughter, I don’t need any help. You continue with your shopping.” When Namrata insisted, the old lady said, “Dear, I have been a widow for the last two years helping myself in all my chores. Now I don’t need the help of anyone.” Namrata was shocked to hear her reply. She realised her mistake. Without uttering even a single word, she went away from there.

 Moral: Playing pranks is not a good habit.

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