English Short Moral Story “Loss of patience is harmful to yourself” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Loss of patience is harmful to yourself


Monica had to attend her sister’s marriage in Delhi. She hurriedly completed her work in the office and went to the airport. After completing all the formalities, she boarded the aeroplane and fastened her seat belt. After a few moments, the plane took off. Sometime later, she heard an announcement that because of bad weather conditions, the plane would have to make an emergency landing in a nearby airport. Monica was extremely annoyed. She called the air hostess and said to her, “What is all this? I am getting late. Today is my sister’s marriage. I have to reach there in time. How much time will it take?” The air-hostess smiled and said politely, “Madam, if we land the plane here, you will be ‘late’ for your sister’s marriage. But if we don’t land the plane, the title ‘Late’ will be added before your name.” Monica felt embarrassed at her foolish utterance.

Moral: Loss of patience is harmful to yourself.

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