English Short Moral Story “Education is must for everybody” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Education is must for everybody


Bholu lived in a small village. The villagers were not aware of the outside world. One day, Bholu went to the nearby city for some work. As he was passing by a radio shop, he heard the news on the radio. Bholu thought that there must be a man on the radio who saw around and narrated the happenings. He bought that radio, and after his work, he returned to his village. The next day, he went to his field. He took the radio with him. In the noontime, when he got tired, he lie down under a tree and soon fell asleep. Just then a donkey entered the field and started grazing. Suddenly, Bholu woke up. On seeing the donkey, he picked up his stick and drove it away. Then he scolded the radio, “What is this? Why didn’t you tell me that a donkey had entered my field?” Saying so, Bholu broke the radio angrily.

Moral: Education is must for everybody.

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