English Short Moral Story “Always help the old and the needy” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Always help the old and the needy


Rupesh was a kind and good person. One day he went to his bank to deposit some money. When he was standing in the queue, an old and tired-looking man came there and asked the people to let him deposit his money first. But none of them seemed to be willing to allow him except one, Rupesh. Kind Rupesh went to the old man and said, “Babuji, give me your form and money. I will deposit your money. You just sit down on a bench and have some rest.” The old man was very happy hearing the warm words of Rupesh. He thanked Rupesh for his help. Rupesh said, “I don’t need your thanks but your blessings.”

Moral: Always help the old and the needy.

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