English Short Moral Story “A foolish person often becomes a laughing stock” for School Students

A foolish person often becomes a laughing stock


Lokesh was going from Delhi to Haridwar in a bus. After two hours of continuous running, the bus halted and the conductor asked the passengers to freshen up and have snacks. Lokesh bought a few samosas for himself. When he returned to his seat, he found another man sitting there with his luggage. Lokesh told the man that it was his seat and he had been sitting there. The man paid no attention to Lokesh. Lokesh then asked the man to keep aside his luggage so that he could sit. But the man did not agree even to that. A fight arose between the two. Just then a policeman came there. He asked the man to show him his ticket. Seeing the ticket, the policeman laughed out loud, as the ticket that the man had was for Delhi.

Moral: A foolish person often becomes a laughing stock.

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