English Short Essay on “Dowry System” English Paragraph/Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Dowry System

Essay # 1

The Dowry system has proved to be a curse for Indian society. Many a young and beautiful woman has been sacrificed at the altar of this hateful custom. Every day some married woman or a newly wedded bride is being burnt by her in-laws because they could not get a good dowry. The matter does not end there. A trace of bitterness and a feeling of revenge takes birth in the hearts of the members of the bride’s family. Sometimes crimes are committed as revenge or the parents of the bride file a case against the parents of the bridegroom under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. In this way, both the families go to litigation. The parents of the daughters of marriageable age become panicky. They apprehend the same fate for, their own daughters. The Dowry system is a curse and must be rooted out.


Essay # 2

The Dowry System

The dowry system is widespread in almost all sections of Indian society. Dowry is what parents give to their daughters at the time of marriage. It is a kind of help given to the newly married couple from the bride’s parents to establish a new home. This custom is very old. This system was not much prevalent in the past because it was a voluntary offer but these days, it has become a demand. The Dowry system has weakened our society, the birth of a daughter is no more considered to be an occasion of joy for the parents. A girl is treated as a burden on her parents. They have to face great difficulties. They find it difficult to search for a suitable match for their daughters. It has become a problem to get the daughter married to a rich and respectable family without a decent dowry. Even a beautiful and well-educated girl cannot get married to a rich man’s son as they demand huge amounts as dowry. Many girls have been reported to have committed suicide to save their parents from the evils of dowry. This evil must be eradicated from our society as soon as possible otherwise; it will completely ruin our society.

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