English Moral Story “Rapunzel” for School, College Students, Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.


Once there lived a young couple who were devoted to each other and had all the happiness except a child to shower their love on.

As the years went by, the wife started to feel unhappy that they were childless. Often she would sit near the window of her room looking outside and dreaming about the day they would also have their child.

On one such occasion, she was staring at a garden which belonged to a witch, which had rows of vegetables planted in it and she felt an uncontrollable urge to eat them. She urged her husband to get some of the vegetables for her saying; I feel I will die if I don’t taste them”.

As the young husband dearly loved his wife he agreed and quickly scaled the walls of the witch’s garden and picked some of the vegetables. But as he turned to go, he came face to face with the witch. “How dare you steal my vegetables?” screamed the witch in utter rage.

The young man overcame with fear and replied, “Please forgive me. I stole them for my wife who is childless.”

“Okay, you may take these vegetables with you and soon your wife will give birth to a baby girl. You would bring her to me,” said the witch to the young husband.

The young husband was so relieved to escape from the clutches of the witch that he hastily agreed to her conditions and quickly ran away to his home.

Few months later the young woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The couple was very happy to have a beautiful daughter but suddenly the witch came and snatched the baby from the young couple reminding the young man of his promise. The couple cried a lot but all their crying went in vain.

As the time went by the little girl grew very pretty and she was named Rapunzel. She thought that the witch was her real mother. She was unaware of the fact.

One day the witch took Rapunzel to a tower and locked her in it which was in the middle of a deep forest. The tower had no windows and no doors. Rapunzel lived in that tower with only the witch for her company. The tower had only a tiny window at the top and when the witch used to come to visit Rapunzel, she would call out

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” Rapunzel would then let down her lovely, shiny long golden hairs for the witch to climb up.

Rapunzel used to pass her time singing in her melodious voice. One day, a young Prince passing by the way heard her voice and was surprised to see a young woman locked up in the tower.

As the Prince was thinking of how he could go up the tower he suddenly saw the witch calling out.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” When she let down her long hair the witch climbed up using it.

The Prince was surprised to see this and waited the whole night near the tower.

Next day the Prince waited till the witch had left and then called out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” She again let down her hair and the prince climbed up, Rapunzel was surprised to see such a handsome man for she had never seen a man before and she also felt a little afraid.

But when she saw that he was kind and gentle, her fear vanished and soon she started liking him. In the days that followed, the Prince often visited Rapunzel and their love for each other grew quickly.

One day Rapunzel was in a dreamy mood and asked the witch, “Mother, why is it that you are heavier than my Prince?”.

The witch lost her temper when she learnt that Rapunzel had given her heart to a young man. She was so angry that she took a pair of scissors and cut the thick golden hairs of Rapunzel.

She then took Rapunzel into the deepest part of the forest and left her all alone.

On returning to the tower the witch lay in wait for the Prince. Soon the Prince came and called out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” The witch let down the plait of hair. The Prince unaware of what lay ahead climbed up and to his utter dismay found himself face to face with the witch.

“So you are the Prince who has stolen the heart of Rapunzel,” screamed the witch. “I shall kill you”.

Hearing these words and seeing Rapunzel’s hairs the Prince was overcome with grief as he thought that the witch had killed Rapunzel.

Filled with grief he jumped out through the window. The witch thought he had died, so she went away. But the Prince had not died but fallen unconscious. When the Prince became conscious, he realized that he had lost his eye-sight due to the fall. He wandered sightlessly around the forest for many days and one day he heard the sweet voice of his Rapunzel. Although he could not see he staggered in the direction of the voice. Rapunzel was so sad to see the condition of her beloved Prince that she started crying and drops of her tear fell into the eyes of Prince and what a miracle. The Prince could see again.

The Prince then took Rapunzel to his kingdom where he married her and they lived happily there after without any fear of the witch.

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