English Moral Story “Puss in Boots” for School, College Students, Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Puss in Boots

Long ago there lived an old miller who had three sons. One day, the miller died leaving his mill to the eldest son, his mule to the second son and his ugly cat to the youngest son.

The youngest son was very much disappointed that his father had left for him nothing except his ugly cat. “What will I do with this cat?” he wondered aloud. “You will be surprised at what I can do for you, my master,” said a voice from behind him.

Taken aback the young man turned around to see the cat looking at him.

“Did you speak to me?” the young man asked in wonder.

“Yes my master, I did speak to you and now please give me a bag, and a pair of old boots and I will get you everything you ever wanted.”

Although the young man was surprised by the cat’s behaviour yet he gave all the things that the cat had asked for.

Putting on the boots and slinging the bag to his shoulder, the cat bid adieu to his master assuring him he would return soon.

On his way through the forest, the cat caught a plump rabbit and put it into his bag and went to the royal place and presented himself before the King.

“Your Highness, my master the Marquis of Carabas pays his respects and presents you with this fat rabbit as a gift,” said the cat.

The King, the Queen and all the courtiers were surprised to see a cat speak.

“The Marquis of Carabas must be an amazing man to own a cat that can speak such wonderfully,” said the King.

As the days followed the cat captured rabbits and ducks and would present them to the King from the Marquis of Carabas.

The King and Queen became very curious to know more about the Marquis of Carabas.

“Is your master a young man?” asked the Queen.

“Yes and he is also rich and I have been asked by the Marquis of Carabas to invite you to his castle” replied the cat.

The King and the Queen agreed to pay a visit to the Marquis of Carabaas. A few days later the King, the Queen and the Princess went to visit the Marquis of Carabaas.

 As they were passing by the river they heard the frantic cry of a man.

“Help!, Help!” shouted the cat. “My master the Marquis of Carabas is drowning,” In reality, it was a plan. As the King and his family were passing by, the cat had asked his master to feign as if he was drowning. The king immediately sent his soldiers to rescue the young man.

The King and Queen were happy to see that the Marquis of Carabas was a handsome young man. The King offered him his own extra pair of clothes and when dressed, they introduced him to the Princess, their daughter. Much to the delight of the King and Queen both the young man and the Princess fell in love at first sight. Even Puss in Boots was happy for them.

Puss in Boots quickly went ahead in pace telling the King and his bewildered master that he had to get things ready for the royal guests at the castle.

On his way he saw some farmers working in the fields. “The King is on his way here, bow down to him and if he asks you to whom these lands belong to, tell him that they belong to the Marquis of Carabas,” he warned them.” Or I will set the ogre against you all. All farmers feared the ogre very much.

As the King’s carriage passed, he asked the farmers, “Who is the owner of all these lands?”

Needless to say the farmers bowed down and in a low trembling voice replied, “These lands belong to the Marquis of Carabas.”

In the meanwhile Puss in Boots had reached the castle which belonged to the ogre. The Puss in Boots went to the ogre, and said, “My master, the Marquis of Carabas, is coming to pay his respect as he has heard you have great magical powers and you can change yourself into any animal you wish. Is that really true?” |

The ogre was a foolish and proud giant who was pleased to hear that his magical powers were famous.

“It is true that I can turn into any animal I choose to,” he boasted.

Puss in Boots said that he was amazed by his magical powers, but still he said,

“Surely you cannot turn yourself into a very tiny mouse.”

The ogre said he can and the very next instant he changed himself into a mouse. And as soon as the ogre turned into mouse, Puss in Boots pounced on him and gobbled him in a single bite.

From then on the Marquis of Carabas and the Princess lived happily in the ogre’s castle.

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