English Moral Story “Peter Pan” for School, College Students, Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Peter Pan

Mr. and Mrs. Becker lived with their three children Sarah, Ryan, Mike and their faithful dog Blaze. One day they left the three children in care of Blaze and went for a party.

At night when it was bedtime, Sarah the eldest of the children tucked the young ones in bed. She was then about to tell them a story, when suddenly a boy dressed in green clothes and red cap jumped in through the window, along with a tiny fairy.

Blaze barked and growled at the strangers but Sarah held back Blaze.

“I am Peter Pan and this is Tinker Bell, the fairy. We are from Neverland (Dreamland), the place where lost children live. We both have come to listen to your stories,” said Peter Pan.

Peter Pan invited Sarah, Ryan and Mike to visit Neverland saying, “Why don’t you all come to Neverland where you can meet many children and they will all love to listen to Sarah’s stories.

The children happily accepted the invitation. Tinker Bell then touched them with her magic wand and behold! They started flying! After a long and exciting journey, they came to Neverland, where the sky was a bright blue and the air was fresh and cool. Below was the vast sea where they could see a ship with a red flag.

The children in Neverland were very happy to hear to Sarah’s stories. Soon this became regular. All the children went with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell daily to Neverland.

One day while the children were playing in a place in Neverland called Mermaid’s Rock; they saw Captain Cook and his mean pirates trying to kidnap Tiger Lily. Peter Pan jumped forward to stop him but the Captain ran away and a crocodile came upon them. In the meantime the Captain returned and took Sarah and the Children prisoners. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell set off in search of the Captain’s ship. And soon they located the ship. Inside the ship, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell went downstairs and started making strange and frightening noises for they knew that Captain and his pirates were all cowards. To investigate these noises they would rather send the children than come down themselves. True enough they did send children and the children were overjoyed to see Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in the hold.

With Peter Pan leading them they frightened the Captain’s pirates and pushed them into the sea. And that was the end of Captain and his pirates.

Tinker Bell then touched the ship with her magic wand, for it was time for children to go to their home. The children got home at last and their adventure was over.

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