English Moral Story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” for School, College Students, Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time, there lived three bears in a cosy little home in the middle of forest. They were Papa Bear, Mamma Bear and the cute little Baby Bear.

The three bears started their day by first washing their faces and paws with fresh water and apple – smelling soap. Then, they made their bed and fluffed their feather pillows. After dressing for the day, they went downstairs and had a nice and delicious breakfast of porridge and sometimes even slices of Chocolate Cake.

One such morning, Mamma Bear cooked the porridge and called her family for the breakfast. She spooned the porridge into the three bowls as they all sat down to eat.

“It is very hot!” exclaimed Baby Bear, tasting his porridge.

Both Papa Bear and Mamma Bear agreed that it was hot and thus left it to cool. The three bears decided to go for a walk till their porridge cooled.

A little girl named Goldilocks had been walking through the jungle that morning and was very hungry as well as tired. So when she came across the bear’s little cottage she thought it was the perfect place to have rest.

Goldilocks went to the front door and knocked loudly but there was no reply, so Goldilocks let herself in. The bears were out taking their walk.

Inside Goldilocks saw three bowls of porridge and her stomach started to rumble at once. She decided to eat the porridge.

First, she tasted the porridge of big bowl that belonged to Papa Bear. She cried “Oh! This porridge is very hot!”

Then, she tasted Mamma Bear’s porridge and said, “This porridge is cold!”

Next, she tasted the porridge from the little bowl that belonged to little baby bear.

“This porridge is just right.” Saying this she ate the whole porridge.

After eating the porridge she decided to rest. So, she went into the sitting room where she saw three chairs.

First of all she sat-down in the papa Bear’s chair, “This chair is very hard!” she said: Next she sat down in Mamma Bear’s chair. “This chair is too soft!” She said again.

Then finally, she sat in the little Baby Bear’s chair as it was just the right size for her to sit in.

“This chair is just right” She said and sat. She sat down so hard that the little chair broke into pieces!

By now Goldilocks was sleepy. So she went up the stairs and there found three beds.

First, she lay down on the big bed and said, “This bed is too high at the head!”

Then she lay down on the middle size bed and frowned and said “This bed is too high at the foot!”

Finally, she lay down on the Baby Bear’s bed; she said “This bed is just right!” Saying this soon Goldilocks fell asleep.

A short while later, the three bears returned from their walk. They noticed instantly that things were not quite right.

Papa Bear looked at his bowl and said, “Someone has been eating my porridge!”

Then Mummy Bear looked at her own and cried, “Someone has been eating my porridge also!”

Then it was Baby Bear who looked at his little bowl and cried in his little soft voice. “Someone has eaten my porridge!”

The three bears then, went into their sitting room. When Papa Bear saw his big chair, he said “Someone has been sitting in my chair!”

Them Mamma Bear looked at her chair and said in her low voice, “Someone has been sitting in my chair also!”

Then the Baby Bear looked at his broken chair and cried in his soft voice, “Someone has broken my chair!”

The three bears then went up to their bedroom.

Papa Bear looked at his bed and said in his loud voice, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed!”

Then Mummy Bear looked at her bed and said, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed too!”

Then when the Baby Bear looked at his little bed he cried, and said in his little voice, “Someone is sleeping in my bed!”

The soft cries of baby bear woke Goldilocks from her sleep and she sat up to find three bears staring at her with angry eyes.

Quickly, she got out of the bed and jumped right out from the window and ran off as fast as her legs would carry her.

Goldilocks never saw the three bears again.

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