English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Walk to School” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

Walk to School

I live in a village, two kilometers away from the small town where my school is; so I have a good long walk to school and back every day. On fine days I rather like this walk; but I do not like it on the blazing hot days in the summer, nor when the rain is coming down in torrents.

Yesterday when I got up, it was a fine morning; but as I was having my morning meal, the wind got up, the sky became dark with clouds, and down came the rain. I waited a bit, hoping it would clear up; but as there was no sign of that, I waited no longer, and made up my mind for a wet walk. In one way I was rather pleased, because my father had bought me the week before a raincoat, and I felt rather proud when my mother brought it and made me put it on. I put my books underneath the coat, turned up the collar, and felt quite grand.

As soon as I left the shelter of the house, I got the wind and rain right in my face; and I had to fight against it all the way.

There is no road from our village to the town-only paths over the fields. These paths were now all slippery mud, and some of them running with little streams of water. And soon after I started, in trying to jump across a specially muddy part, my foot slipped, and down I fell in the mud. What a mess I was in when I got up! But when I had cleaned myself up as well as I could, I tramped on.

Crossing the next field, I saw a herd of cows, all of them standing with their backs to the wind, looking very wet and unhappy

The wind blustered and the rain pattered on my rain-coat, and the way seemed twice as long as usual. But at last, I reached the town, and ran into the school. The boys outside were throwing mud at each other, and we’re in a great mess. I was pretty wet, in spite of my raincoat; but I am glad to say I was no worse for my wetting. And the lessons were so dry that I was very soon dry meself!

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