English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Prize-day at Your School” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

The Prize-day at Your School

The Prize-giving is always a great day in our school, and the last one we had was the best I have seen. The school hall was very gay with flags, and one gentleman lent some beautiful Persian carpets for the platform. Outside, along the road leading to the school, long strings of flags, supported by coloured poles, made the place look quite grand

We boys had to take our seats in the hall half an hour before the time. It was a long time to wait, and the masters had some trouble in keeping us quiet and in our places. The headmaster and some members of the committee were waiting at the door to receive the Collector, who had been asked to give away the prizes. At last, we heard the sound of a motorcar at the door, and soon the Collector and the Headmaster and the other gentlemen came in and walked up the hall to the platform. We all got up and cheered, for the Headmaster had told us before to do so. The Collector sat down, and the masters and the committee members, and some other visitors. also, sat on the platform.

First, the Headmaster read his report. In school, he is very strict, and talks in a very grand way with a loud voice; but that day he seemed very nervous, and kept coughing every now and then. I don’t much care for reports; they are generally dry. So I did not listen much. Of course, when he finished, we all had to cheer; and then he asked the Collector to give away the prizes. The second master got up and called out the names in a loud voice, and the prize-winners began marching up to the platform to get their prizes. We cheered everyone, and the Chief guest smiled and shook hands with each one until I am sure he must have felt very tired. I did not go up, because I had not won a prize: though I am sure I deserved one more than some who got them.

When all the prizes had been given, the Collector made a speech. These speeches are generally rather dry: but he was a jolly kind of man, and told us some funny stories, and made us laugh. I am sure he must be a very nice man.

After the meeting, we had a grand tea in the school field, and I ate as much as I could. So it was all quite a success.

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