English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on Monument “Victoria Terminus” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Victoria Terminus

Victoria Terminus Railway Station is a striking example of high Victorian Gothic structures. Such type of structures can only be seen in Britain. It is affectionately called V.T. It is located in Mumbai.

The first train in India was flagged off this terminus for Thane in April 1853. The building was designed by architect Frederick William Stevens in 1878. It was built out of yellow sandstone and grey granite. The highlights of the magnificent arched doorways and windows have been introduced with an assortment of coloured stones.

This structure was built for the Great Peninsular Railway. It looks more like a grand cathedral than one of the greatest railway stations and commuter centres in India.

The frontage is symmetrical with a large central dome flanked by two wings. The dome is capped by a 4 m high ‘Statue of Progress’. It is dominantly Gothic in design but a giant caterpillar-like walkway with perspex awnings looks incongruous against it.

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