English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on Monument “Tughluqabad Fort” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Tughluqabad Fort

The fort was built by Tughluq ruler Ghiyasuddin. He overthrew Alla-ud-Din’s son and captured the throne of Delhi. The fort was built between 1321 – 1325. It is situated to the southeast of the present city of Delhi. The fort has walls, 15-30 meters high.

The massive Tughluqabad fort stands high on a rocky outcrop of the Delhi ridge. The fort is in ruins and houses the palace rooms, the citadel, the tunnels and the chamber along the ancient fort walls. The fort is octagonal in shape and covers an area of about 6.5 km. The vast size, strength and obvious solidity of the whole place give it an air of massive grandeur.

The fort was built with enormous blocks of stone that are 10 meters thick. It is a wonderful place to have a picnic. One can wander through the ruined palące rooms, the citadel, the tunnels and climb on the ancient fort walls. However, the main entrance is a rectangular citadel. Inside the citadel, the enclosure is the Vijay Mandal tower. In addition, a long underground passage is still perceptible. The fort also contains seven tanks.

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