English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Kumbhalgarh” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.


Kumbhalgarh is the most important fort in the Mewar region after Chittorgarh. This impregnable and evocative fort was built by Maharaja Kumbha, of Udaipur, in the 15th century. The walls of the fort stretch some 36 km and enclose many temples, palaces, gardens and water- storage facilities.

The fort is situated at 1087 meters above sea level and its impressive location is enhanced by the extensive forests that surround it. There are seven massive gateways guarding the entrance to the fort. The main wall, at some places, is eight meters thick. There are Hindu temples dating from the 14th century, but the majority are Jain structures, some going back to the 3rd century B.C. The Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Shiva, houses a black marble lingam, surrounded by finely fluted, tapering pillars.

Looming above the temples is the Badal Mahal. This is semi-derelict, but retains lovely colours, floral murals and features. There is also a big wildlife sanctuary in the neighbourhood of the fort.

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