English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Chariot Temple” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Chariot Temple

The great Chariot Temple (Sun Temple) at Konark in Orissa was constructed in the mid-13th century. In its original form, the temple consisted of a 70-meter high doula with 70-meter Jagamohana, representing the chariot of the sun, drawn by seven impetuous horses:

The sun temple complex is a huge open rectangular enclosure. Standing in front, detached from the main temple, is the square Nat Mandap or dance hall. It is profusely decorated with dancing figures, musicians and lovers celebrating the glory of sun. There are steps on all four sides that lead up to a pillared hall that no longer has a roof.

The entrance to the main temple is behind the Nat Mandap. To enter the temple there are three stairways, each guarded by animals, like the crouching elephant and lion on the eastern side and the northern and lovely richly decorated hares on the southern side. The entrance stairway leads to the gigantic mandap over which rises an enormous tiered pyramidal roof containing larger-than-life stone figures of musicians and others.

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