English Essay, Paragraph on “Taking care of my sister” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Taking care of my sister

Mandy and her brother, Melvin, were alone at home as their parents had gone to a wedding dinner. Mandy’s maid was also on leave so Mandy had to look after her brother.

Mandy tried to entertain her brother by letting him watch a cartoon programme but he was soon bored. Mandy thought hard about what to do and finally, she decided to teach her brother how to draw.

She took out her colouring materials and papers. She taught Melvin how to draw a puppy and she added some flowers to the picture. Upon completion of the picture, she taught him how to colour the picture. She told him to be careful and not to colour out of the border.

Almost an hour later, they completed the picture and it was beautiful! Melvin thanked his sister for teaching him how to draw and colour. He then asked if they could do more and Mandy thought it was a great idea. After much discussion, they decided to draw something for their parents.

They took another piece of paper and started drawing. Mandy and Melvin had decided to draw a family picture so Mandy did the drawing as it was more difficult. Melvin watched on and he could not help but praise his sister for a job well done.

After the drawing was complete, they started the colouring together. It was a lovely family portrait.

“I think mum and dad will love it!” Melvin said with delight.

Mandy nodded her head and said that she would ask them to frame it up and they could put it in the living room. Just then, their parents returned. The two excited children showed them their work and their parents were very proud of them. They were also very happy that Mandy had made so much effort to teach Melvin.

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