English Essay, Paragraph on “Story-telling competition” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Story-telling competition

William was walking up and down his living room. He was busy practising his story for the story-telling competition the next day. He had been practising for the past two weeks and he knew he was getting better.

His mother walked into the living room and asked him how everything was. She then asked him to read aloud for her and he did. After he had finished reading, she clapped and said that he had done a good job.

The next day, William woke up early and got ready for school. He changed into his school uniform and made his way to school.

When he arrived in school, he saw a few other schoolmates, also practising their stories. He began to feel a little nervous when he heard some of them reading so well. However, he remembered his mother’s advice. He would try his best when it was his turn and not worry too much.

Soon, the competition started. When it was William’s turn, he stood up and walked confidently up the stage. He greeted the teachers and his schoolmates before he started telling his story.

Once upon a time, there was a bear that lived…” William began expressively. His classmate, Peter, helped to take some pictures of him. By the time he ended. William was pleased with himself. There was loud applause too.

After the last competitor had finished telling his story, William and all the contestants waited eagerly and excitedly for the results. The three teachers took a while to decide and after about five minutes, one of them went on stage and announced the results.

William was jubilant when it was announced that he had won the second prize! He was filled with pride and happiness when he walked on stage to collect his prize. He could not wait to tell his mother about it

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