English Essay, Paragraph on “My new neighbour” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

My new neighbour

Peter was cycling in the park. It was something he did every day. He was cycling when he spotted a boy sitting by himself. The boy looked new to the neighbourhood.

Being a friendly person, Peter stopped and talked to the boy.

“Are you new to this neighbourhood?” Peter asked politely.

“Yes, my family and I just moved in yesterday,” the boy replied. He introduced himself as Alan.

Peter then asked Alan if he needed someone to bring him around and Alan agreed. He told Peter that he was unfamiliar with the neighbourhood and his parents had to attend to something urgent so they did not have time to accompany him.

Peter got off his bicycle and began pushing it. He walked and introduced the places in the neighbourhood. They also chatted and Peter found that Alan was going to be in the same school as he was and also, he was the same age as Peter which meant that they would be studying at the same level.

After walking around the neighbourhood, Alan more familiar with the place and he knew where to go to get what. He thanked Peter for his kindness. They exchanged telephone numbers so that they could contact each other in future.

Peter invited Alan to his house for a drink. He wanted to show Alan his collection of stamps too. Alan agreed. By evening, the two boys were on such good terms that one would have thought that they knew each other for a long time!

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