English Essay, Paragraph on “Kitten Saved” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Kitten Saved

Old Mrs. Lim had a pet cat. The pet cat, Kitty, had been her pet since it was a kitten. Old Mrs. Lim loved Kitty very much as it was her companion.

One day, Old Mrs. Lim took Kitty out for a walk at the park. She happened to meet her neighbour and began to chat with her. She was so engrossed in her conversation with her neighbour that she did not realise that Kitty had run off, chasing after butterflies and other insects.

Only when she had ended her conversation did she realise that Kitty was nowhere to be found. Just then, she heard someone say that a cat had fallen into a canal nearby. Worried, Old Mrs. Lim hurried to the canal, and true enough, there in the waters was Kitty! Old Mrs. Lim shouted loudly to Kitty and the frightened Kitty could only mew in fear.

Old Mrs. Lim begged those around to help save her cat. A bystander called for the police who then sent two police officers to the scene. The police officers helped to rescue the cat out of the canal. Old Mrs. Lim was very grateful to them and thanked them profusely.

As Kitty looked a little frightened, Old Mrs. Lim hurried home with it. She made some warm milk for Kitty and promised not to leave it alone again.

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