English Essay, Paragraph on “Inconsiderate Pupils” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Inconsiderate Pupils

It was recess time and Madam Lim dreaded this time of the day the most. The children at the school that she worked at always dirtied the floor, particularly in the toilets. Madam Lim had been working for the school for ten years and she found that the children were getting worse.

As usual, Madam Lim started sweeping along the corridors outside the toilets and it was strewn with litter. Shaking her head sadly, she continued sweeping and when she reached the entrance to the toilets, a few boys were running into the toilet, screaming and laughing as they did. She sighed and continued her work.

When she reached the girls’ toilet, she was horrified. The floor was wet and toilet paper was strewn all over. A tap was left running and the girls did not dry their hands as they walked out of the toilet! She could not take it anymore so she decided that she would report the matter.

She went to the principal’s office and told the principal, Mr. Wong, what had happened. Mr. Wong was furious. He told Madam Lim to take him to the toilets and she did as she was told.

Indeed, Mr. Wong was shocked at the state of cleanliness. He gathered the school pupils in the hall and spoke to them about the problem. He said that anyone found doing that again would be punished. He stressed the importance of being clean. He added that Madam Lim was there to help but the responsibility should be on everyone. All the pupils nodded their heads. As Mr. Wong sent them back to class, he hoped that he would see a change the next day.

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