English Essay, Paragraph on “Helping out at grandparents’ house” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Helping out at grandparents’ house

It was a Sunday morning. Helen and Frank woke up early. They knew that they were going to their grandparents’ house that day. Every Sunday, they would go to their grandparents’ house to visit them and at the same time help them with some household chores.

Helen and Frank packed up and left the house with their parents. When they reached their grandparents’ house, they all sat down to have breakfast and they talked to one another.

After that, Helen cleared the table and wiped it clean while Frank took the broom and started sweeping the floor. Their mother helped to wash the dishes and clothes. Their father checked the electrical appliances to ensure that all were in working condition.

Though it was hard work, the two children enjoyed it very much. They talked and joked as they worked, making it more fun. After wiping the table, Helen wiped all the furniture as the dust had accumulated on them. Frank went on to mop the floor. His father helped him to wring the mop as it was quite difficult to do so on his own.

Time passed quickly, it was lunchtime when they had completed their task. They took a short break before getting ready to prepare lunch. Usually, their mother would cook some dishes but the grandmother said that she wanted to cook something for the children.

She took out some meat and vegetables. Mother helped her while the rest waited in the living room. In no time, their lunch was ready. It was a chicken burger with French fries! It was the children’s favourite! They all sat down and dug into the juicy burger that grandmother had prepared. She told them that she had learnt this recipe from a television programme.

Soon, it was time to say goodbye. Helen and Frank told their grandparents to take care and that they would come again next week.

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