English Essay, Paragraph on “Helping an elderly lady” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Helping an elderly lady

“Goodbye, Mrs. Kang!” Merlin shouted and waved goodbye. Merlin was going home on her own that day as her mother had to attend to something.

Merlin skipped happily, whistling a happy tune. When she reached a traffic junction, she stopped and waited patiently for the traffic signals to change. Then, she spotted an old lady carrying many bags of groceries standing not too far away from her.

Merlin was thinking if she should go forward to help when a loud beeping by the traffic signals showed that it was time to cross. Merlin crossed the road, keeping close to the old lady.

All of a sudden, the old lady slipped and fell. She landed on the ground with a loud thud and her groceries were strewn all over. The old lady groaned in pain and she looked shocked. Merlin hurriedly moved forward and asked if she was alright. Merlin checked with her if she was alright before helping her to her feet. She asked the old lady to move slowly across the road.

Some other kind passers-by saw what happened and they helped by picking up the old lady’s belongings and returning them to her. Merlin suggested that they go to the clinic nearby to let a doctor examine her. At first, the old lady rejected her suggestion but Merlin insisted, saying that it was better to have a check.

In the end, a passer-by and Merlin took the old lady to the clinic. The doctor checked her and said that she had sustained minor injuries only. He advised her to be more careful and perhaps not to buy so many groceries as they were too heavy for her to manage.

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