English Essay, Paragraph on “Flowers Destroyed” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Flowers Destroyed

Melvin and Nelson were playing soccer near their school garden. They were having a great time and they had forgotten all about their discipline master’s warning about not playing near the garden.

Halfway through the game, Melvin kicked the ball very hard but Nelson missed it. The ball flew straight towards some rose bushes. To their horror, all the flowers were hit and the petals fell, one by one, to the ground.

Nelson watched in dismay while Melvin gasped in horror. What was going to happen to them? Melvin ran up to Nelson and said, “Let’s run, shall we?” Nelson thought for a while and he told Melvin that it was wrong to do so. They ought to be honest and own up. Melvin was worried about what their discipline master’s reaction would be.

Just then, they heard someone call out to them. Their worst fears were confirmed. It was their discipline master, Mr. Tan. He questioned them about what had happened.

The two boys after a few moments of hesitation told him what had happened. Mr. Tan gave them a lecture on good action. He explained why he did not allow children to play near the garden. All the painstaking efforts by the pupils of the gardening club would have gone to waste.

Melvin and Nelson realised the impact of their act. They apologised profusely to Mr. Tan. Mr. Tan told them that he had to punish them. As a punishment, they would have to remove all the plants and replant them. Melvin and Nelson knew that was a light punishment and they thanked Mr. Tan for giving them a chance.

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