English Essay, Paragraph on “Father’s Day” Essay in 200 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Father’s Day

It was Father’s Day. Melissa and her brother, Mark, woke up very early as they had some plans to carry out. First, they took out the card and present that they had prepared for their father and placed it on the dining table. Then they went to the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast for their father. They made toast, fried eggs and a cup of coffee for their father. They placed everything nicely on a tray with a stalk of flower.

When their father awoke, Melissa brought him the tray of breakfast while Mark handed the card and present to him. Their father was surprised and pleased. He thanked them for their hard work and kind thoughts. He ate the breakfast and said that it was delicious. Both Melissa and Mark were very proud.

Their mother said that she would be preparing a special lunch for their father too. The children and their father proceeded to the living room where their father began to sing songs using his karaoke set. Their mother started by baking a cake.

As Melissa and Mark were not good at singing, they decided to have a game of Monopoly. They played quietly as they did not want to disturb their father’s singing. After a few songs, their father joined them on the game. They had a good time.

A few hours passed and soon, their mother called them to the dining table. Both children helped to set up the table before inviting their father over for his special lunch. They sat down and tucked in. It was delicious! Melissa’s father thanked all of them for making that special day so wonderful!

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