English Essay, Paragraph on “Being Honest” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Being Honest

Mason was very worried. He had not done well in his class test. His teacher had just returned to the class with their test papers and Mason had scored the lowest marks. He knew that his father would be mad at him as he had been playing too many computer games.

Mason regretted not listening to his parents’ constant advice. His father had warned him to be responsible for his own actions should he fare badly for his test and true enough, he had done badly. Even his teacher was puzzled as he was always in the top ten positions in class.

What made Mason more fearful was that his mother would cancel him for his results. She had already bought a cane and she had hung it near his room. Mason did not like the thought of being caned.

“What should I do?” he asked himself worriedly. He thought very hard about a solution but could not think of any. He wanted to throw the cane away but that would only make his mother angrier. Left with no choice, he knew he had to face the music.

When both his parents returned from work, he walked to them with the test paper in his hand. Before he could explain, tears fell down his face. He began to cry.

His parents stood there but they were not puzzled. In fact, Mason’s teacher had called them to inform them of Mason’s poor results. His parents called him to the dining table and spoke to him. Instead of being scolded, they explained to him the consequences of being too addicted to computer games.

He realised his mistake and he promised his parents that he would work hard to achieve good results.

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