English Essay, Paragraph on “An Inconsiderate Boy” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

An Inconsiderate Boy

Brian was a very mischievous boy. He was always disturbing others and even animals. Many of his friends and neighbours disliked him and they would avoid him when they see him nearby.

One day, Brian decided to take his new remote-controlled car to the void deck to play. He knew his mother would scold him if he played at home.

When he reached the void deck, he placed his remote-controlled car on the ground and began playing with it. He intentionally made the toy car go at a very high speed and that resulted in a lot of screeching sounds. It was irritating and residents passing by would look at him in anger.

Just then, a stray cat walked past. Brian saw it and had an idea. He was going to make his car chase the cat! He sniggered and began to steer the car towards the cat. The poor cat did not notice the car until Brian made it hit the cat at the hind legs. The frightened cat ran and Brian made the toy car go after the cat. He laughed out loudly upon seeing the poor cat running away.

All of a sudden, he felt someone tap his shoulder He turned around and to his horror, there were two police officers looking at him sternly. They took away the remote control and immediately called Brian’s parents.

A few minutes later, his mother came running down. She was worried when the police officer called her. The police officer told her what happened and he added that Brian should be disciplined.

Brian’s mother felt ashamed and after the other police officer had finished taking Brian’s statement, they let him go. The two policemen advised him to be kind to things around him. Brian nodded his head and guilt was written all over his face.

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