English Essay, Paragraph on “An Honest Act” Essay in 400 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

An Honest Act

My sister, Joelle, and I were feeling bored at home. Mother had gone to the market and we were all alone. Joelle asked if I could take her to the playground to play. I agreed, thinking that there would be no harm in doing that.

We reached the playground within minutes and my elated sister was running all around, playing on swings and slides. Just then, we saw a mobile phone lying on the ground. It was at the foot of a tree, partly blocked by its protruding roots.

We were excited as the mobile phone was the latest model and it looked rather new. “Should we take it?” Joelle asked. I wanted very much to say yes but I knew that was wrong. I was in a dilemma, should I take it or not? Then I thought of my sister. If I took the mobile phone, I would be a bad role model for her. Instead, I should make good use of this opportunity to show her what honesty is.

“No, Joelle, that is wrong. The poor owner would be so worried,” I replied.

Joelle looked bewildered so she asked me, “Then what are we going to do about the mobile phone?”

“We’ll take it to the police post. The police will be able to advise us on what to do,” I suggested and Joelle nodded her head.

We reached the police post in no time and I told the police officer on duty what had happened. He smiled upon hearing our honest act and then started taking down our statements and also our particulars.

Just then, the mobile phone started ringing. The police officer answered the call and found that it was the owner. He was trying his luck to see if anyone had found his mobile phone. The police officer told him what we had done.

In about five minutes, a man entered the police post. He looked as if he was in a hurry. He said that he had come to claim his mobile phone and we instantly knew he was the owner of the mobile phone we found.

He thanked us gratefully and wanted to give us a treat but my sister and I declined. We were proud that we had done a good deed and for me, being a good role model too!

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