English Essay, Paragraph on “An accident in class” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

An accident in class

It was recess time. All the pupils except Tom and Paul went for their recess. The two of them were in charge of cleaning the classroom that day. Both of them arranged the tables, swept the floor, and cleaned the board.

As they were ready to leave for recess, Tom ran to get his basketball. Before they left the classroom, Tom flung the ball at Paul, and Paul, upon receiving the ball, did the same. This started for a while and they began to play as if they were at the basketball court. Both boys were engrossed in their mini basketball game.

At one point, Leon threw the ball upwards so that Tom would not be able to get the ball. However, he threw the ball so hard that it went straight at the light bulb. In the next instance, they heard a smashing sound and they realised that the ball had caused the light bulb to break. Small pieces of glass flew everywhere and the two of them shielded their faces from the flying smithereens.

Just then, their form teacher, Mr. Lim walked past. He happened to hear the crashing sound so he came in to take a look. He was shocked to see that a light bulb was broken and there were pieces of glass fragments all over. He stormed in and demanded to know what had happened.

After listening to their explanation, he reprimanded them and told them that not only do they need to compensate for the broken bulb, their parents would be informed. The two boys hung their heads low in shame and apologised once again.

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