English Essay, Paragraph on “A Visit to the Dental Clinic” Essay in 300 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Visit to the Dental Clinic

Randy woke up with a pain in his mouth. He realised that it was from a tooth. He went to his mother and complained about the toothache. His mother checked and saw that his gum was swollen. She told him that it would be good to see a dentist immediately.

Soon, they were on their way to the dental clinic. At the clinic, they waited for a while for their turn. Randy was getting nervous as he was always afraid of dentists. He knew that the dentist would tell him that he needed to put in more effort in brushing his teeth.

When it was his turn, Randy went into the room and his mother explained to the dentist what had happened. The dentist checked Randy’s teeth and indeed confirmed that his tooth had decayed. That was the cause of the pain that he was experiencing.

Randy was very frightened when the dentist said that he had to extract the tooth. He was almost in tears and he asked the dentist if he could take medication Instead. The dentist assured him that it would not be very painful.

The dentist then began getting ready his apparatus. He gave Randy an injection on the gums so that he would not feel so much pain. After that, he went on to extract the decayed tooth. It was all over in about ten minutes. Randy was relieved.

The dentist told him that it was bacteria from the food that was stuck in his teeth that had caused the decay. Therefore, Randy must brush his teeth regularly, after every meal. Randy nodded his head and he knew that he would do that as he certainly did not want to have another tooth extracted!

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