English Essay, Paragraph on “A Thunderstorm” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Thunderstorm

Mandy walked out of school and looked up in the sky. The sky was overcast and a storm was imminent. Mandy regretted not heeding her mother’s advice about bringing an umbrella. Anyway, she began to walk home quickly hoping to avoid the rain.

Halfway through, it began to rain cats and dogs. Mandy was soaked to the skin. She decided to seek shelter at a tree as there was no other shelter around. She stood under a huge tree and it provided a little shelter from the pelting rain.

After standing there for about fifteen minutes, Mandy saw her friend, Lisa. Lisa shouted out to her.

“Mandy, come and join me,” Lisa shouted.

Mandy ran to Lisa and thanked her profusely for her offer. Both girls lived in the same block so they walked home together. Mandy was feeling a little cold and unwell. When they reached their block, Mandy thanked Lisa again.

When Mandy got home, her mother asked how she got home since she did not have an umbrella with her. She told her mother exactly what had happened. Her mother was shocked. She asked Mandy to take a warm shower first and then after that, she explained to her the danger of standing under a tree in a thunderstorm.

Lightning strikes the tallest object in an open space and by standing under a tall tree, Mandy would be exposing herself to the danger of being struck or worse, if the tree fell, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Mandy realised how dangerous it was. She thanked her mother and she promised to bring an umbrella wherever she went.

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